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DJ/Emcee Services

Every party is unique, and most importantly, your DJ should be able to adjust to any situation.  Our entire staff have experience with all types of events ranging from small guests counts, to many thousands of guests.  All of our DJs are comfortable being an Emcee/MC on the microphone.  We don't simply just stay behind our DJ Booth, we are happy to entertain and be on the microphone.

Did you know most weddings and other large events need an Emcee?  Our professional DJs are happy to be the face of your event and help the day or evening move along smoothly with each transition of items on a timeline.


DJ vs. MC

What is the difference, and why does it matter?

An Emcee (also know as MC) is typically an individual who is comfortable speaking on a microphone in front of a crowd ranging small or very large guest counts.  Think of them as the TV Show Host for your favorite televised New Year's Eve Countdown, or Talent Competition.  They are there to help keep an event moving through a timeline.

Emcee is the more modern/professional term for MC, which is short for Master of Ceremonies.  In terms of a wedding, you would see our staff be the MC of your reception.  We will be out in front of your guests speaking throughout the event.  For example we can be introducing your bridal party, introducing each of the speakers for your toasts, and many more things as the night progresses.

An MC is included with all of our Wedding Entertainment Packages.  We do not charge additional for this important part of your wedding!

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